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5 Common Garage Door Problems & Troubleshooting Tips

Common Garage DoorThere are several problems that you often face with your garage door. Unfortunately, most of the difficulties occur when your door is older, or you neglect its maintenance. Thus, it is necessary to inspect your door regularly because once you have diagnosed the problem, it becomes easier to fix it on time and prevent a costly repair or door replacement.

So, here is a list of common garage door issues and their effective solutions.

  • Garage Door Opener Would Not Work
    The doors having a chain or drive screw openers would not work, and they often need some lubricants to lower the friction. You have to apply a generous amount of silicone-based lubricant to your overhead door opener.
  • Grinding Noise
    Loose hardware, squeaky sections and worn parts are the common problems that can be fixed with a simple solution. The noisy garage door means dryness in its parts and needs lubrication.
  • The Garage Door Opens & Closes Immediately
    If it happens, it means your garage door spring needs replacement. Your door spring may have worn out, so you have to replace it. Make sure to check the other parts of your door and if you find these have a problem then consider repairing it.
  • Garage Door Remote Is Not Working
    This is not a big issue, and it happens either the battery is dead, or the battery is not inserted correctly. If there is any other problem behind remote not working then you need to reprogram the remote.
  • Rust Formation
    To remove the rust, you need to clean the affected areas using dishwashing soaps then rub the rust with a vinegar-soaked cloth and apply the fresh coat of primer and paint.

Remember, periodic maintenance is one of the great ways to improve the functionality of your door. So, feel free to contact us at Garage Door Repair Red Deer. Our team of licensed and insured overhead door technicians can help to keep your door well maintained for many years to come. Contact us to request a free estimate.